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A description of Exotics topics for the 2013 Virginia Veterinary Conference.

Saturday, March 2

Scott Stahl, DVM, DABVP
1:10-2:05 pm
Husbandry and Medical Conditions of the Crested Gecko
Crested geckos and other geckos in the Rhacodactylus family have become popular pet lizards. They are generally easy to care for, gentle and unique in appearance. Clinicians seeing reptiles in practice will need to familiarize themselves with these geckos. Basic husbandry and care will be discussed along with the most common clinical problems seen in practice.

2:15-3:10 pm
Clinical Approach to the Pet Rabbit with a Review of Gastrointestinal Disorders
Husbandry, unique anatomical and physiological characteristics, and basic clinical techniques utilized in practice for pet rabbits will be reviewed. Additionally common gastrointestinal disorders and management will be discussed.

3:20-4:10 pm
Clinical Management of Pet Bird Emergencies
Management of the emergency avian patient from the initial presentation, examination and diagnostic approach to the supportive and specific therapeutic plan will be discussed. Some of the most common emergencies seen in practice will be reviewed.

4:10-5:00 pm
Update on Adrenal Gland Disease in Ferrets
A review of adrenal gland disease in ferrets will be covered. Clinical presentation, diagnostics and new management options for this prevalent ferret disease will be discussed.