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Recent Graduate Web Resources - From the ASVMAE:

One of the ideas the Recent Graduate Task Force developed is a Web-based resource for recent graduates. The task force identified five key areas of focus:

1) Communication Strategies

Effectively communicating with clients, as well as the practice’s health care team, is invaluable to your patients' care. The information below is intended to help you feel more comfortable and confident in talking with your clients about some difficult topics, such as euthanasia, money, etc.

2) Connections and Networking

In focus groups, recent graduates have said they want information about referral practitioners, desire to network with their cohorts, and want to know about volunteer opportunities. Here are some resources to assist you.

Veterinary Recent Graduate Message Board 

National message board for any recent graduate to join

3) Financial Planning

Entering a new profession is challenging – and exciting – enough on its own. On top of this, veterinary graduates are faced with managing their debt load and planning for financial security in the future. This section addresses these issues.

Compensation and Compensation Models 

Creating a Budget & Calculating Debt: Financial Simulator Tool

4) The Job Search

Most recent graduates will enter private practice. But regardless of your professional track, you will need to seek employment. Below is an A to Z guide that will help you get started with that search or assist you with moving along throughout your career.

Veterinary Career Network 

5) Transitioning to the Practice

Making the transition to clinical practice encompasses more than applying your veterinary knowledge and experience to the "real world." This section provides you with information on a host of topics that you might need to know.

Each of these areas contains articles and/or links to material that will be helpful to recent graduates during the early stage of their careers. It is by no means all inclusive, but rather a starting point for providing recent graduates with good material. This certainly is a work in progress.